Heartland Fragrance Exfoliating Loofah Soap

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Exfoliating Loofah Soaps in 8 Aromas: 

Blood Orange:

Radiance is yours, my dears, when you grab a hold of our sublimely sophisticated Blood Orange glycerin loofa bar. Sheer floral notes join forces with a citrus kick and mellow Italian bergamot for a bar none soaping experience delivering mild moisture and gentle exfoliation. Leave dry skin behind with a few flicks of this noteworthy disk.


Dye and fragrance-free. Colored only with activated charcoal, this simple scent-free scrubber boasts all the detoxifying wonders of charcoal without all the added “stuff”. Combined with super-lathery vegetable-based glycerin soap, this exfoliator is the before way to clean and scrub off the dead skin that keeps you from looking and feeling smooth. Use it before shaving, for beards, feet, and dry skin.

Mighty Good Man:

What’s better than a great-smelling man? How about a Mighty Good Man with super-smooth, touchable skin? It’s all oh so conveniently within reach as our bestselling natural bar makes its debut in scrubber form. This Mighty Good Man Exfoliating Loofa Bar is an enticingly warm, earthy sandalwood treat, spiced with amber and woodsy accents of fresh green herbs. This skin-softening soap is a time-saving dream come true for men and women alike. Treat your skin well with a bar that exfoliates, cleans, and keeps you moisturized, all at once.

Oatmeal & Honey:

Oatmeal and honey are a skin smoothing, and soothing, wonder duo. We’ve taken the classic pair and packed all its skin-calming goodness into our hand-poured all natural glycerin and loofa bar to help buff away dry spots. Calming notes of sweet almond are accented with the warmth of vanilla and cream for skin so soft you’ll wonder how you ever made do without it.

Spa Fresh:

Skip the spa, keep the luxury. Who says you can’t find luxury in small packages? Our unisex glycerin and loofa soap provides non-stop moisture wrapped in cool and sporty marine notes. Natural exfoliation softens and conditions dry skin, revving up circulation for a fresh-from-the-gym glow.

Stress Relief:

Be whisked away on a tropical vacation, or prep your skin for one, with a flick of this exotic skin-smoother. Juicy mango and papaya prompt dreams of warm-weathered luxuries as this super-moisturizing bar exfoliates while it cleans.

Sweet Lavender:

A perennial crowd favorite, lavender is a pro at calming and soothing from before bedtime relaxation for sweet dreams in the land of nod to smooth sailing for the day ahead. Now, naturally moisturizing glycerin and body buffing loofa come together in hand-crafted harmony for a skin-buffing and nurturing time to remember.


Classic, but with never a dull moment, our Tahitian vanilla glycerin loofa soap gently polishes away dry spots while infusing skin with a boost of moisture. Warm and sugary, this one is good enough to eat. Hand-crafted, just like all the best buttery vanilla treats, we pour sensitive-skin friendly glycerin around a ring of natural loofa for a bubble experience that’s sure to be a favorite.