Is there anything better than the feeling of coming home after a hectic day to a place you feel comfy, relaxed, and content?

On the other hand, is there any more stressful feeling than having a hectic day and having to come home to a house that is a wreck with its own mile-long to-do list?

Even just coming home to a house that doesn’t contain the things you like and reflect your unique personality can be stressful.

They say, “There’s no place like home,” and as long as we have a relaxing, personalized space to come home to, I agree.

This Mother’s Day, help Mom create a home space she loves to come home to. Here are some tips!

Help Her Discover Her Personal Style:

In order to create a home style that fits her, she first needs to discover her personal style. Take our Do You, Be You Personalized Home Fragrance Kits for examples of four different personal style options. The fragrance products in each of these kits can help you and Mom put together home decor and a fragrance set that matches your personalities perfectly.


You have a subtle elegance. You’re vintage. You have poise. You belong in the 1950s and 60s. Your style and signature aromas are classic. The Classic home fragrance kit includes:

  • Cherry Blossoms Premium Plugables® Home Fragrancer
  • Wild Flowers Fragrance Oil
  • Freesia Aromables Portable Air Freshener
  • Sparkle Not Sweat™ Power Fresh® Portable Air Fresheners

If your style is “Classic,” consider decorating your home with flowery patterns, soft pastels, clean neutrals and gold metal accents.


You’re daring. You’re adventurous. You’re confident. You’re the B.A. member of your friend group. You take chances. You’re hard-core. Your style and signature aromas are bold. The Bold home fragrance kit includes:

  • Arctic Wolf Premium Plugables® Home Fragrancer
  • Pine Grove Fragrance Oil
  • Speedway Aromables Portable Air Freshener
  • Knock-out Punch™ Power Fresh® Portable Air Fresheners

 If your style is “Bold,” consider decorating your home with dark, rich colors, clean, bold lines, silver and platinum metal accents, wild animal artwork, and motivational quotes.


You’re modern. You’re sophisticated and high-end. You’re the trend setter of your friend group. Everyone wants to follow your lead. You’re the one everyone looks to for what’s in style right now. Your style and signature aromas are chic. The Chic Home Fragrance starter kit includes:

  • Moroccan Lantern Premium Plugables® Electric Home Fragrancer
  • Green Tea Fragrance Oil
  • Cottony Fresh™ Aromables Portable Air Freshener
  • Cottony Fresh™ Power-Fresh® Portable Air Fresheners

If your style is “Chic,” consider decorating your home with light linens, modern furniture, clean, crisp lines, and minimalist style decor.


You’re unique. You’re off-beat. You’re a compilation of all the things you love. You aren’t afraid to show off your unique style, and you’re the most unapologetically authentic member of your friend group. Your style and signature aromas are eclectic. The Eclectic Home Fragrance Starter Kit includes:

  • Platinum Dolphin Plugables® Electric Home Fragrancer
  • Sea Breeze Fragrance Oil
  • Ebony Forest™ Aromables Portable Air Freshener
  • Enony Forest™ Power Fresh® Portable Air Fresheners

If your style is “Eclectic,” decorate with multi-colored rugs and unique artwork, paint an accent wall, or fill a wall with a combination of photos and artwork in unique hanging patterns.


Help Her Purge Things That Don’t Fit Her Style:

Once Mom knows her style and is ready to fill her home with items that match her personality, help her get rid of things that don’t match that style. While it can be difficult to get rid of items you’ve had for a long time, keeping possessions in your space that don’t match your personality can cause unnecessary anxiety. Remember, the goal is to create a space that Mom can feel relaxed and calm coming home to after a hectic day.

If there are extra things cluttering the space that have no real purpose, consider donating the items to charity or renting a storage space for the extra things you can’t stand to part with but don’t want in your immediate space. Or create some home storage ideas that help Mom put things away so her style can shine through without the clutter getting in the way.

Help Her Create a Calming Atmosphere:

The final step to create a space Mom will love coming home to is to cultivate a calm atmosphere. Fragrance products with lavender are an easy and effective way to create an atmosphere of calm throughout your home. Try these products:


Help Mom truly feel like “There’s no place like (her) home,” with the Mom’s Home Mother’s Day Gift Set from TheGiftofScent.Com.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible Moms out there!

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