I’m sitting in my recliner today with Tosh on my lap on what is my first real day “off” since semi-retiring a couple of weeks ago. That’s OK, though, because the things I filled my days with were enjoyable and things I needed to do. But today is the first day at home to catch up on some things around here. I’m in my recliner because it is storming outside, and thunder always makes Tosh very anxious. In fact, she usually runs to her papa, David, at the first crack of thunder. But since he’s gone, I’m the next best thing in a storm.

   I decided to give her some additional help by diffusing some Belle Aroma® Lavender Essential Oil in my Esprit de Fleur Essential Oil Nebulizer, also by Belle Aroma. I love this nebulizer in the light stone finish! Its design makes it very efficient, as my 10 ml bottle can last up to 80 days depending on the setting I choose. This diffuser is truly superior to ultrasonic types because it preserves the scent purity without residues or oxidation. This is due to it being waterless and heatless. Tosh is sound asleep on my lap now, even though it’s still storming out. I love that my pup can benefit from essential oils as much as we humans can! (Editor’s Note: not all essential oils are safe to use with animals. Please consult your veterinarian to find which oils are safe for your pet.)

   I surely wish I would’ve known about the benefits of aromatherapy as I was growing up, but I’m not sure anyone really knew the benefits back then. A memory popped into my head this morning of a time when I’m sure some aromatherapy would’ve helped relieve my teen angst.

   I was about 15 years old, and we had just moved back to Iowa from Kentucky. We settled in Grinnell where we began making friends and looking for work. Up to this point, I had only ever worked for my dad, but I had started developing a good work ethic. Basically, all it took was to show up when I had agreed to, do the job, clean up behind myself, etc. Dad was starting up his own business in Grinnell and there wasn’t a job for me yet, so I was asked by some of our new friends if I’d like to do inventory at their farm store on a temporary basis. I jumped at the chance. It was going to be working for someone other than my folks, it was an opportunity to work in the community at an actual store, plus I’d get to spend time with my new friends. Oh! And collect a paycheck! Win, win, win!

   Their store was on the south edge of town and didn’t really have any cool stuff in it. (It was farm stuff after all.) They carried overalls, gloves, hats, stuff for animals, some big machinery, and hardware supplies. That’s about all I remember of the things I was to count. I was told to count everything and then put a tag on the end of the spindle thingy with the number. I worked one whole Saturday, I remember. I’m not sure if we finished inventory or if I just wasn’t invited back.

   Why would I not be invited back??

   Well, I spent the whole day counting and I can remember ever so clearly the owner hollering at the end of the day, across the store in a loud voice, “Hey Verna! Guess how many screws we have!?” My ears perked up at that because that was my aisle. He names off this horrendous number and then busts out laughing! I didn’t really understand what was so funny until he told me I didn’t need to count them, but I just needed to weigh them. Argh!! I had no idea you weighed screws, as I had never purchased any before!! He got his count my way. Haha!

   I’ve since learned that not only can Lavender reduce anxiety, but so can Lemongrass, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange. There are probably more that can calm the nervous system, but these are the ones I choose to diffuse regularly. If you are having anxious moments, might you consider one of these?

Lori Herr for The Gift of Scent

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