It’s that time of year again when the fitness gurus go into overdrive marketing their newest “Get Fit” programs. If you’re like me, you’re probably feeling the nudge to get back in the gym and start the year off on the best foot.

I actually enjoy getting into the gym and getting a good sweat session on. I enjoy lifting weights, running, swimming, cycling, yoga classes…anything active is my jam.

But…I also have an extremely sensitive sense of smell. And what comes with a massive sweat session? STINKY shoes. STINKY gym bag. STINKY gym locker. Pew!

  • I’ve tried foot powder in my shoes (which is messy and gets powder all over my socks).
  • I’ve tried putting dryer sheets in my gym bag (which only works for a day or two before it wears off).
  • I’ve tried spraying deodorizing spray (like Febreeze) into my gym bag (which only lasts a few days).
  • I’ve tried washing my shoes regularly, but that breaks down the fabric on my shoes a lot quicker, which is a drag…

 I finally found a product that works for 30 days or more, and it’s as easy as throwing it in my bag or in my shoes to keep my gear smelling fresh so I can focus on my workout and not on how I smell.

PowerFresh® Throw-&-Go Portable Air Fresheners are the BEST way to keep my gym bag and workout shoes smelling fresh and clean.

The PowerFresh® Throw-&-Go air fresheners are small, scented disks that fit easily in any enclosed space. With a solid scent load designed for powerful fragrance release, Power Fresh® pucks bring weeks of freshness wherever they land.

My favorite is the Cottony Fresh™ Power Fresh. Every time I put my shoes on, they smell fresh from the dryer, and my gym bag smells like it’s been open to a spring breeze all day—even when it’s been baking in my car or stuffed into a locker at the gym.

Take your pick from 5 fragrances to give your workout gear the refresh it needs:


Ebony Forest™: Deep floral musk with sandalwood & patchouli wrapped in glitter-packed brown – This is a favorite among our male customers and staff! It has a very masculine aroma.

Knock-Out Punch™: Clean masculine leather & aromatic greens encased in matte black.


Sparkle Not Sweat™: Fruity-floral aroma features a yogini on glitter-packed purple.


Suck It Up Princess™: For powerful girls – peachy pears & bright florals encased in a glittery laser pink shell.

Cottony Fresh™: For maximum odor control, with patented TMM® odor neutralizer from Belle Aire® Creations, cased in true blue color with holographic dots. – This is my go-to. It smells like a super-concentrated pack of dryer sheets: freshhhhh!


Keep your gym gear fresh this new year with PowerFresh Throw-&-Go Portable Air Fresheners.

Happy New Year!

Kate for TheGiftofScent.Com

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