June is upon us and immediately my mind goes to “road trip”!! We live right in the heart of the Ozarks, so we don’t have to go far to enjoy beautiful scenery. Webster county, which is where we live, has the head waters of 5 lakes that are here in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. One such lake is Table Rock Lake near Branson, MO. The James River which feeds Table Rock is 130 miles long and starts right here in Webster County.

Fun fact: it starts out heading north and then, at Northview, it heads south!

Ya wanna take a road trip to Branson with us? The first order of business for me will be to get my Drive Time® Power Fresh® 12V Car Air Freshener ready. Given the heavy traffic we will no doubt experience I want to be sure and offer myself some uplifting, stress-relieving, tension-easing help along the way. Do you get the idea I’m not crazy about traffic?

That help will come in my selection of Evergreen Forest scent bars for the Drive Time Power Fresh 12V Car Air Freshener. This diffuser lets you enjoy turbocharged air freshening while you drive. The vented design allows for maximum air flow and, unlike passive air fresheners, the Power Fresh 12V diffuser heats and disperses the aroma from highly fragrant scent bars. It doesn’t use liquids, gels or water so there are no leaks that could ruin your car’s interior.


Since we’re traveling south on highway 65 towards Branson, winding through the Ozark mountains which are full of oak, pine and cedar trees, I felt comfortable with my choice of Evergreen Forest scent bars. They have a bold scent with the top layer of Pine and Spruce, middle layer of Balsam Fir and a base of Cedar. It features an open filigree design that allows for more air flow around the scent bar. It also has a threaded ergonomic grip for easy handling when loading it and inserting it into the 12V charger chamber. These features all lend themselves to enhanced concentration, stress relief and easing tension, all contributing to a much more pleasant “Drive Time.”

Another design feature I appreciate about this diffuser is the “less is more” philosophy. AERON, the maker of Drive Time products, takes a minimalist and environmentally friendly approach to their design and packaging. 

Branson is known as the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World.” It boasts over 50 theaters and 60,000 theater seats. The Rolling Stones will be coming to Thunder Ridge Nature Arena on Sunday, July 21. If you plan on attending, you might consider trying this Drive Time Power Fresh scent diffuser for the trip there and back! Your trip will be a much more pleasant one, no doubt.

Lori Herr for Drive Time® Brand

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