As much as I’d enjoy (and deserve!) a long vacation, our many home projects are taking precedence this summer, so a long trip will have to wait until the Fall. To satisfy our travel lust, we are taking a few short ones within our home state.

One such trip was to St. Louis for a few days. Our trip began on historic Route 66 but then detoured to a more scenic route as we were dropping our Yorkie, Tosh, off with some friends for the weekend. Tosh would stay with Ernie, a Yorkipoo, and Millie, a Golden Retriever. I imagined the three of them having the time of their lives, running free in the backyard, causing all kinds of mischief for their mom and dad.

To get to Tosh’s “pet haven” we drove north through the Lake of the Ozarks. You may remember from my last blog post that five lakes in the Ozarks start here in Webster County. This is one of those five! Fun Fact: The Niangua River starts here and flows north and northeast through three more counties and empties into the Lake of the Ozarks.

It’s a beautiful drive winding your way to the lake. If you feel like you’ve suddenly developed tinnitus, not to worry. It’s just the high-pitched whine of cicadas. 2024 is the year of the Cicada in Missouri.

After dropping off our precious cargo, we made our way towards St. Louis traveling along Hwy 94 to Mokane, MO, a small town on the Missouri River. Running right through the town of Mokane is the Katy Trail, a rails-to-trails biking and hiking trail that delights both bike enthusiasts and history buffs. The Katy Trail is part of the western route taken by Lewis and Clark in the 1800’s. Missouri is full of history! But we’ll save the trip to the Western Expansion Museum at the St. Louis Arch for another weekend…

This scenic drive along Hwy 94 was the perfect time to enjoy our Drive Time ® Power Fresh® Portable Air Freshener. The scent we chose for this trip was Ebony Forest with notes of ylang ylang, vanilla, patchouli, musk, and sandalwood. This was the perfect air freshener because it is passive, not overpowering, and small enough to drop into a cup holder. This earthy fragrance, sandalwood in particular, is my absolute favorite scent. When we finally arrived at our Bed & Breakfast, I was glad that I had thought to drop a Power Fresh Portable in our luggage as well so that the lingering beauty of our scenic drive would stay with us all weekend.


Lori Herr for Drive Time® Brand

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