Fragrance Wafers™ for ScentSlides® 3- Pack

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Mountain Air Fragrance Wafers smell like a holiday in a mountain cabin. Take a deep breath and experience the fresh notes of Honey Suckle, Rose, Fresh Linen, Lemon Balm, and Driftwood.

Apple Orchard Fragrance Wafers smell like fall – like apple picking and taking a bite of sweet honey crisp, red delicious, or granny smith fresh from the tree.

Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance Wafers™ offers a soothing combination of sophisticated scent notes including Chai, Hibiscus Honey, and Vanilla Wafer.

Exotic Teak Fragrance Wafers feature bold and woodsy notes of Baltic Amber, Cypress, Birch, and Oud Wood.

For Evergreen Fragrance Wafers™ smell like taking a walk deep in an evergreen forest or cutting down a fresh Christmas tree from a tree farm in early December.

    • AN ALLURING AROMA: The smell of your home can be an essential part of your mood; it can help calm and soothe you. Belle Aroma's Fragrance Wafers are made from a specially formulated EVA resin engineered to hold a mega-potent and ultra-powerful fragrance to make your home and office smell the way you want them to.
    • AROMATHERAPY SESSION AT HOME: Our fragrance wafers are already loaded with scents we know you'll love like Mountain Air, Tahitian Vanilla, Apple Orchard, Evergreen, and Exotic Teak. Specifically designed with a ventilation pattern that provides maximum fragrance throw, our scents last for weeks.
    • NO MESS: Featuring a safe, no-mess construction, now you can enjoy enticing smells without the hassle. Our fragrance wafers are effortless to use and provide you with tantalizing scents that last day in and day out.
    • EASY-TO-USE: When the fragrance finally starts to wane, simply toss your old fragrance wafer into the recycling bin and slide a new one into your ScentSlides Unplugged or Plugables Scentslide. Keeping the irresistibly wonderful scents going is that easy!
    • ABOUT US: As our name states, Belle Aroma is all about beautiful fragrances. We create innovative ways for our users to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, essential oils, and great scents! We have a wide range of products, including aromatherapy, home fragrance products, and on-the-go fragrance products that make spaces feel and smell fresh and luxurious wherever we are—keeping the trend with colors, decorative icons, and scent references season after season.