Get the Complete Glitter Domes™ Holiday Collection - with 5 Holiday Fragrances

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Collect all 5 Festive Glitter Domes™ Home Fragrance Diffusers with 5 long-lasting holiday scents:

  • Glitter Domes™ Christmas Tree with Candy Cane

  • Glitter Domes™  Snowman with  Pumpkin Spice

  • Glitter Domes™ Snowy Scene with Apple Orchard

  • Glitter Domes™ Santa with Pine Grove

  • Glitter Domes™ Angel with Spiced Vanilla

And hey, we know the tree isn't coming down until spring thaw anyway, so why not get all 5 festive scent diffusers and aroma oils and save 25% Off? 

Limited-Time Special Offer, Once they're Gone, that's It! 

P.S. Each bottle lasts over 30 days...