Celtic Knot Plugables® ScentSlide® Plugin Night Light Diffuser with 1 Fragrance Wafer - Sea Glass

$9.99 USD
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Safe, Long-Lasting, and a Night Light...There is no other fragrance device quite like it.

  • Versatile Functionality: With VersaScent® technology the Belle Aroma ScentSlide offers multiple benefits beyond its primary function as an air freshener. In addition to providing a pleasant fragrance, the ScentSlide also doubles as a night light, creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere in any room.
  • Advanced Heating Technology: The ScentSlide's advanced heating technology controls the inner temperature for safe and long-lasting fragrance diffusion, whether you choose to use scented resin fragrance wafers or essential oils on a felt pad.
  • Easy Installation: The ScentSlide's front grill slides open for easy installation of fragrance load, giving you quick and hassle-free access to switch out fragrances or oils.
  • User Control: The on-off switch of the ScentSlide gives users full control without the need to unplug the device, making it easy to turn off and on as needed.
  • Safe Design: The low-profile design of the ScentSlide makes it safe to plug in almost anywhere, providing a discreet and effective way to enhance the ambiance of your space with safety.

Belle Aroma Fragrance Wafer™ Refills for ScentSlides® sold separately. 

This Plugables® ScentSlide® comes with one Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance Wafer.