ScenTrio® Wax Warmer - Copper Wire

$29.50 USD
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Features Timer and low | medium | high temperature setting (high for Wax Melts or Low for Belle Aroma No-Mess No-Mess Tarts™).

The ScenTrio’s VersaScent® technology and refined aesthetic make for a top-of the line addition to your wax warmer collection. Whether the user prefers wax melts, fragrance oils, essential oils, or the easiest, most effective of all – the Belle Aroma® No-Mess Tarts™. It’s the perfect multi-purpose solution. 

  • 3 ("trio") Power Levels — Low for No-Mess Tarts™. Medium for wax. High for oils.
  • Three-Way Timer: select either 4, 8, or 12 hours. Or use on continuous power mode. 
  • Long-lasting halogen light with dimmer 120 Volt.
  • Purchase includes extra Halogen Replacement Bulb 
For use with all No-Mess Tarts™, essential oils, and wax melts.