Single-use products are so 1950s. Gone are the days when we can purchase products we will only use once, for one thing, and then just throw them away without a second thought.

I look for products I can buy for my home that I can use and reuse in a bunch of different ways.

When it comes to home fragrance products, I prefer those I can refill and use in a variety of ways. My favorite versatile and reusable product from TheGiftofScent.Com is the ScentSlides® Unplugged Portable Air Freshener.

ScentSlides Unplugged can utilize fragrance wafers, which last 30 days or more, or felt pads and any of your favorite essential oils, which you can refresh or replace whenever you want. My favorite fragrance wafer is Exotic Teak, and I love to use Sweet Orange or Lavender Essential oil on the felt pads.

While it has an aesthetically pleasing design, the ScentSlides Unplugged doesn’t have to be a specifically decorative piece. The simple, low profile design makes it a utilitarian product that can slip in small spaces for fragrance wherever you need it.

From car to home to on-the-go, here are 10 ways to use the ScentSlides Unplugged:

1. In the car on the visor

The ScentSlides Unplugged comes with a visor clip, so the first place you might think to use it is in the car on the visor. Exotic Teak fragrance wafers are a great fragrance for the vehicle.

2. Under the seat in the car

Stow a ScentSlides Unplugged under a seat for a fresh fragrance that will never be in the way.

3. In the trunk of the car or clipped to an unused seatbelt

I have a vehicle with third-row seating that we never use, so I like to clip a ScentSlides Unplugged to one of the unused seatbelts to keep the vehicle smelling fresh. Just set it and forget it for 30 days or more!

4. In the closet

I also love to use them at home. Use a ScentSlides Unplugged in your closet for easy fragrance to keep outerwear, shoes, and gear smelling fresh. Clip it to a clothes hanger or set it on a shelf.

5. Sitting on top of the clothes dryer

Sometimes my laundry room can smell a little musty, but a ScentSlides Unplugged sitting on my dryer takes care of the musty smell in no time.

6. Clipped to the laundry basket

Or clip one to your laundry basket to keep the dirty clothing smells from stinking up the whole room.

7. On my desk

Peppermint essential oil helps me feel energized, so I like to use it in a ScentSlides Unplugged on my desk when I’m working. I’ve even clipped it to a folder sitting on my desk so it would be out of the way but still offer an energizing fragrance.

8. In sock or underwear drawer

The low-profile design means you can throw a ScentSlides Unplugged anywhere. Put one in your sock or underwear drawer. I like the Evergreen Fragrance Wafer or Lavender essential oil on a felt pad for the ScentSlides in my drawers.

 9. In my gym or shoe bag

For fragrance on the go, I throw a ScentSlides Unplugged in my gym shoe bag. My running shoes can get stinky, especially when I’m doing more trail running in the spring and summer. A ScentSlides Unplugged with a Mountain Air Fragrance wafer helps keep my eyes from watering every time I dig my shoes out for another run (yes, they do get that bad).

10. Clipped to a gear bag

And finally, put a ScentSlides Unplugged on a gear bag, like the bag you keep outdoor recreation gear in. Gear can get kind of rank—especially rain gear or any gear that gets damp for any reason. Keep it smelling fresh on the go with a ScentSlides Unplugged.


The versatility of the ScentSlides™ Unplugged Portable Air Freshener from TheGiftofScent.Com will have you feeling like you’re doing your part to help take care of the earth while still keeping your home, car, and gear smelling fresh.

Try one today! You can get a free ScentSlides Unplugged with Mountain Air Fragrance Wafer when you pay only $2.99 shipping and handling as part of our Spring Refresh giveaway! Click here to learn more.

Kate for TheGiftofScent.Com.

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