Decorate Your Home with Fragrance!

Your home is an extension of you. You put effort into your appearance, the clothes you wear and how you present yourself to others. So, why should your home be any different? Your home reflects your personality, your style, and the atmosphere you are trying to create.

A signature scent for your home is a must. The fragrance should be given the same consideration that you give to your own self-care. Choosing a home fragrance should smell nice, but also be a representation of your home and how you want others to feel while they are there.

By using fragrance throughout your home, it can help create the perfect ambience and make your house feel more like home. When someone visits your home, one of the first things they will notice is the smell. The first whiff they get of your home can be associated with your personality and character, among other things. It can have an impact on whether your home feels welcoming, comfortable, or is worth paying another visit to. This is possibly because the sense of smell is one of the strongest of our five senses. So, make sure your home fragrance reflects your personality, is a welcoming scent that will remind your visitors of you whenever they encounter that scent again and gives off an inviting and appealing aroma that elevates comfort and relaxation, so your guest’s stay is more enjoyable.

The Gift of Scent has several home fragrance options to choose from. We have diffusers that use essential oils or wax melts. The ScenTrio’s versatility and refined aesthetic make for a top-of-the-line addition to your wax warmer collection. It can be used with all Belle Aroma® No-Mess Tarts™, essential oils, and wax melts. Most important of all – It’s the perfect multi-purpose solution and has three different heating settings to choose from.

We have diffuser options where you can enjoy aromatherapy anywhere, anytime. An essential oils diffuser makes an amazing addition to any home. It can help elevate your mood and provide a relaxing atmosphere for your guests as well as help create a sense of well-being and promote positive life experiences. We have several scent-sational oils to choose from.

Or plug in your favorite fragrance for an aromatic experience you'll love in any room of your home with our Plugables® Electric Fragrance Diffusers! We have diffusers that fit your décor and personal style and offer 11 Fragrance Oil Refills to go with them.

Don’t be afraid to create your own personal scent by mixing a few different essential oils or a couple of different wax melt fragrance tarts until you find the perfect scent that is unique and representative of you.

Check out all our amazing home fragrance products and find the perfect one to support your personalized signature home scent.

Have a fragrance filled day!

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