The season has officially changed again, and it’s time for us to transition to all things Fall.

It can seem more difficult to transition to colder seasons from warmer seasons than it does for the reverse. While many of us love fall (you know my thoughts on the subject ;)), it can be challenging to fully feel like we’re ready for the Fall season after a long, hot summer. Since we’re hunkering down for the chill rather than opening up for the warm, the process doesn’t come as easily to some of us.

Unlike the organized and energized feelings we get when we participate in Spring Cleaning, many of us experience negative emotions when moving into the Fall and Winter seasons. Perhaps it in some correlates to how many of us struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the colder months, but I know many of us struggle with what I call “Seasonal Transition Fatigue.”

I characterize Seasonal Transition Fatigue as something that makes people feel like they can’t fully enjoy all the things they usually look forward to about Fall because when it finally arrives, we are already feeling like we’re starting to drag emotionally and physically.

So this Autumn, I want to give you some tips to avoid “Seasonal Transition Fatigue” as you make the shift out of Summer and into Fall. Hopefully these ideas will help you ease your way into Autumn so you can more fully enjoy all your favorite fall things.

1. Clean up your Fall wardrobe:

Pull out and wash all your cool weather clothes. Storing clothing for a season can make things smell musty. Wash with your regular detergent, then use sweet orange essential oil on your wool dryer balls to refresh your fall attire.

2. Clean and store your Summer wardrobe:

The warm weather in summer makes for sweaty folks, and sweaty folks makes for smelly clothes that we tend to just put away deep in our closets when the seasons are done…which means musty odors when we pull them back out again. Banish the smell year round with ScentSlides® Unplugged Portable Air Fresheners with Fragrance Wafers or essential oils.

The Fragrance Wafers last longer than a regular cone air freshener and come in delightful aromas like Tahitian Vanilla, Apple Orchard, and For Evergreen. You can also use your favorite essential oils in your ScentSlides® Unplugged. Just put a few drops of essential oil on the felt insert and stow with your seasonal clothes to keep them smelling fresh year round and reapply the essential oils or recycle and replace the Fragrance Wafer whenever you notice the aroma has faded.

3. Clean your air filters/freshen the air in your home:

Fall is a great time to change out your air filters and have your furnace checked before you have to turn it on. Have your system professionally checked and cleaned, then keep the air in your home smelling fresh with sweet orange, peppermint, or lavender essential oils. Just put a few drops of essential oil on wooden clothes pins and clip to your air vents to circulate the fresh aroma throughout your home when you use your furnace.

4. Give your immune system a boost:

Colder weather means a surge of viruses and weakening immune systems. Boost your immune system by diffusing lemongrass, sweet orange, or ylang ylang essential oils in your ultrasonic diffuser or your new Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan. Diffuse essential oils regularly to help promote health and wellness all year long.

5. Set aside time to enjoy one of your favorite Fall things at least once a day:

The more pleasant memories you make during the Fall season, the easier it will be to avoid Seasonal Transition Fatigue next year. Whether it’s using your favorite fall-themed coffee mug to drink your favorite fall coffee drink or taking a trip to the local pumpkin patch this weekend, work in one of your favorite fall things every day.


Follow the tips above to avoid Seasonal Transition Fatigue and truly enjoy every aspect of the autumn season. Happy Fall!

Kate for TheGiftofScent.Com.

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