Aromatherapy—the use of essential oils to promote health and wellness—can seem like a complicated subject. It evokes images of an herbal medicine guru waving bundles of plants around to ward off bad energy. When I first started using essential oils a few years ago, some of it seemed a little “woo-woo” to me. It seemed too good to be true that simply smelling a small amount of liquid distilled from a plant could have real effects on my body, mind, and mood.

Despite my skepticism, I decided to give the “woo-woo therapy” a shot, but it felt complicated and cumbersome in many ways. I filled my diffusers daily because I learned that aromatherapy is really only effective when practiced on a daily, consistent basis. I went through gallons of distilled water and endured eye rolls from people around me when I said I had to fill the diffuser again.

But after a few months of using essential oils in my diffusers as part of my daily routine, I started to notice I felt better in many ways. I felt like I had more energy, like I was sleeping better, like I was more clear-minded, and like I was calmer throughout difficult situations.

I was thrilled by the progress, but I still felt like Aromatherapy overall was more complicated than necessary, and I was quickly growing tired of constantly refilling my diffusers in order to make sure I had essential oils circulating in my space all the time.

Over the next couple of years, I went through phases of using essential oils more and less often—depending on how I felt about having to be consistent with filling my diffusers and how much effort I was willing to put in to make the seemingly complicated process of aromatherapy work in my daily routine.

I can say without a doubt, that if I had the newest diffuser now available on TheGiftofScent.Com a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have gone through any “down time” in my aromatherapy journey!

Our newest diffuser is unlike any diffuser I have ever used before. The Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan has made the lives of aromatherapy users like me easier than ever! With the Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan, I can set it and forget it for weeks because it uses an entire 10ml bottle of essential oil.

With its gravity-fed wicking design, the Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan allows me to diffuse essential oils throughout my home constantly—helping me to effortlessly enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at all times!

Diffusing essential oils throughout my home has never been safer and more effective. The Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan gently diffuses essential oils with no heat breaking down the essential oil particles—and no messy water either. The patented fan is quiet so it doesn’t disrupt my routine, and it’s two timing settings allow me to adjust for how much or how little scent I want in my space each day.

The Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan has made using Lavender essential oil to help promote healthy sleep easier than ever. I just install a 10ml bottle of Belle Aroma® Lavender essential oil in my bedroom Essential Breeze® and turn it on before I go to sleep. It diffuses a steady stream of calming lavender in my bedroom throughout the entire night so I can get the best possible sleep. I then turn it off when I wake up, which makes the aroma last even longer and pushes back my refill time even further.

In my work space, I have a second Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan diffusing one of three Belle Aroma® Essential Oils at all times: Peppermint, Sweet Orange, or Clary Sage. I just change out the oil bottle and replace the felt pad with one of the replacement pads included in the package when one oil runs out.

And I love how easy the USB power cord makes it to run my Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fans from my computer or a regular wall outlet. I like to move it around with me when I go to different areas of my home. And since it doesn’t use any water, I don’t have to worry about making a big mess when I move it around the house!


You can get your own Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan and any of the Belle Aroma® Essential Oils to diffuse as part of your daily routine from TheGiftofScent.Com! Never be without the benefits of aromatherapy again. The Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan makes aromatherapy a breeze.

Kate for TheGiftofScent.Com

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