Do you remember the first time you drove a car? I do but let me explain. Way back in the day my dad took his 1954 Ford Custom sedan and cut the back of it off! Right behind the front seat he cut it off and put some kind of wood or metal behind it, built a big white wooden box with sideboards a little higher than the roof of the cab. The sideboards were removable so it could just be a flatbed if he wanted. He painted the front of it sky blue. It was an ingenious way to get a pickup with little investment, even if it was a bit funny-looking. It was a 3-speed on the column, and it had the hugest steering wheel!! It had to have been 15-16” across! This “truck” is what we moved from Iowa to Oregon in so evidently it was reliable.

   Now, comes the time I drove it. Given what house we were in at the time, I had to have been about 8 years old. We lived in a house that had been built in 1897 that had a beautiful mountain stream in front of it between the house and the highway. There was a footbridge across the stream to a little pull-off for parking. The main driveway came off a side road, though. The driveway used to seem so long to me, but it was probably less than half a mile. The school bus driver would drop us off at the footbridge after school, but he wouldn’t pick us up there, so dad would let my brother drive us in the old truck out to the end of the driveway to catch the bus. After school Dan would ride a bike up the driveway and drive the truck back to the house.

   One day I decided I wanted to drive that old truck, so I went in and asked dad. He thought about it for a minute…. or 5 seconds is more like it…. and told me no, I was too young, but he assured me I would get to one day. Well, my bad. I went right out after that and my brother and I jumped in, and he scooted clear over to the driver’s door and I got under the wheel and since I was too short to reach the peddles, I shifted and steered while Dan pushed in the clutch and gave it gas! Where there’s a will there’s a way, as they say. I don’t remember ever asking Dad again if I could drive that old truck. The thrill was gone.

  This memory is even more vivid to me as I plug in my Belle Aroma® ScentWow® Aromatherapy 12V Diffuser with the beautiful Ylang Ylang essential oil and its sweet, floral, and slightly spicy aroma wafting through my car. Trust me, that old Ford truck didn’t smell nearly as sweet. Lol! It serves as a mood booster so after a long day’s work, I plug in the Belle Aroma® ScentWow® diffuser and I am transported in my mind to fun times as a child in my “flatbed Ford.”

    The ScentWow diffuser has two temperature settings, low and high. It has auto shut-off after one hour with no car battery drainage. It has a safe radiant core, heating omnidirectional from the inside out.

Lori Herr for Belle Aroma® Brand

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