Do you remember when it first dawned on you that water is a precious resource? We, in this country, are so used to turning on a tap and out comes pure clean water. That wasn’t always the case at my house. We were living in the foothills of the Cascade mountains in Oregon, and we had a crystal-clear stream in front of our house. But our well was rusty! It had a metallic taste and was discolored to the point that we couldn’t use it for drinking or doing laundry. This was long before the days of bottled water. What were we to do??

   Dad worked at a telephone company in a town 12 miles down the road. He carried two cream cans in the back of his truck and on the way home he’d pull off the highway and out of the mountain side was a beautiful stream that formed a little waterfall. He’d fill those 2 cream cans at the waterfall about every other day, so we’d have fresh water. I must say it was the best tasting water!! You wouldn’t dare do that today, but back in the 1960’s it was still safe.

   Turns out that stream coming out of the mountainside was the one that a few miles further down ran in front of our house. Our long driveway ran right along that stream and at the far end of the driveway the stream had a natural dam, so we had a swimming hole about 6 feet deep. I remember there being fish and crawdads galore. One day when my brother and I were swimming I bobbed my head out of the water to come face to face with a dog that was from a neighbor’s house. The house had a Beware of Dog sign nailed to a tree and we were always told to stay clear of that dog. I started screaming and flailing around trying to get away, climbing through the brambles and vines. Suddenly, my mom and dad appeared in the driveway! What were the chances?? They were just strolling along holding hands coming to watch us swim. Dad came running to save us! Turns out the sign was unnecessary, as the dog was not mean after all. Also, dad assured me that even if he had been mean, he wouldn’t have been able to hurt us because in water he wouldn’t have had secure footing. I don’t know about you but when you pop up out of the water and stare face to face at a mean dog would you be able to actually think “Oh he can’t hurt me. He’s not on solid ground.” I doubt it. You’d be like me and scream and take off running! Haha!!

   The Belle Aroma® ScenTrio® Petite Wax Warmer with the Mountain Air No-Mess Fragrance Tarts® sent me down memory lane today. It is a beautiful combination of honeysuckle, lemon balm and driftwood. The ScenTrio Petite comes in three beautiful designs: Taupe Fluted, Diamond White or Blue Gourd, which is the one I have. It has three timer settings to choose from:  4, 8 or 12 hours, which allows you hassle free diffusing of your favorite scents. It also provides a trio of ways to enjoy your favorite scents, No Mess Fragrance Tarts, Wax Melts, or Essential and Fragrance Oils.

Lori Herr for Belle Aroma® Brand

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