A vivid memory at a very young age, maybe 7 or 8, happened in a forest. Let me back up, though. At age 6 my parents decided to move the family from Iowa to the Pacific Northwest. To my knowledge, we had never been there, or at least my brother and I had not. Both of my parents had lived in California as young adults, but we weren’t going there. We were headed to Oregon.

We sold almost all our belongings, fitting everything we were taking into a station wagon and an old truck. We started out on our journey and since there were no interstate highways yet, at least I-80 hadn’t been built, it seemed to take us forever to get there.

Even at age 6, I was full of questions. What would we find there? Would I like it? Where would we live? It wasn’t long and I got my answers. We landed in the most beautiful spot I had seen in my young life.

There were trees everywhere!! Often in Iowa, as was the case at our farmhouse, the trees were cut down to make pastureland, only leaving trees up near the house. But, in Oregon there were trees everywhere!! We settled in the Willamette Valley, buying a small house on mostly wooded 20 acres.

My memory I mentioned at the outset was of going into the woods alone one day and laying down on what felt like a pine needle carpet and staring up at the trees. I had learned to identify the huge, majestic trees by this time. I was staring up at a Douglas Fir on one side and a Sitka Spruce on the other. Their boughs were way above me, fanning me in a light breeze. You wouldn’t think this would impress a child of 7 or 8, but not only was it a sight to behold, the scent was both fragrant and woody.

I have never lost my love of that scent, evergreen, cedar, pine, all things trees! I can enjoy it anytime by using my Belle Aroma® Plugables® ScentSlide® Night Light Electric Home Fragrance Diffuser. This diffuser slides open, which allows you to insert your favorite scent! It is versatile and very easy to use, as it can be plugged into any 120-volt outlet. The Fragrance Wafer refills are available in a variety of Belle Aroma fragrances - Tahitian Vanilla, For Evergreen, Exotic Teak, Mountain Air, and Apple Orchard. I’m diffusing the For Evergreen now, transporting me back to the woods on the pine needle carpet. If you prefer diffusing your favorite essential oil, you can simply use the ScentSlide Essential Oil Refill Pads. This allows for versatility as you can easily switch up your scents, depending on if you want to be calmed by your aromatherapy or invigorated. The choice is yours!

Belle Aroma Plugables ScentSlide Night Light Electric Home Fragrance Diffuser is available in a variety of finishes: Nickel, Opal, Sandstone, and Sea Glass.

Lori Herr for The Gift of Scent

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