What does happiness smell like? Well, smell is particular to each person.  A certain scent may not have the same effect on everyone. 

The scents and smells that people encounter daily can evoke feelings and trigger emotions within them, so it seems logical to surround yourself with fragrances that make you happy.  Whether you are relaxing at home, working at the office, or driving carpool and running errands, your space should emanate a scent that makes you smile.

The sense of smell has a direct impact on your memory.  That's why you usually remember things by their smell more than you do by taste or sound.  Certain smells can generate positive changes in your mood and lift your spirits.  Smelling a scent that is associated with happier memories and emotions can magnificently transform a person’s mood.  Your state of mind can change from mediocre to exceptional with just a whiff of that nostalgic aroma. 

Peppermint is thought to promote alertness and boost energy. It also improves concentration and accelerates clarity of thought. If you're feeling a bit sluggish, just the smell of peppermint can instantly make you feel more lively or cheerful. Studies have shown that inhaling peppermint can enhance your performance and motivation by serving as a central nervous system stimulant.

Ylang ylang
Ylang ylang is a unique scent that is derived from a precious flower that is best used to relax and unwind. Pronounced ‘EE-lang EE-lang,’ it is known to promote calmness, alleviate stress, and lower blood pressure. It is often considered to be an aphrodisiac, believed to increase libido and attraction and create desire.  It is often associated with positive feminine energy. Ylang ylang essential oil combats depression and relaxes the body, thereby eradicating anxiety, sadness, and persistent stress. It also has an uplifting effect on your mood and encourages feelings of joy and optimism.


Vanilla has been shown to lift the mood and boost relaxation. The potent aroma of vanilla is known to have a direct impact on the nerves that promote calmness and relieve stress, particularly when used in aromatherapy. Vanilla is used widely to help calm the mind and body, and people who inhale vanilla while using aromatherapy tend to feel warm and happy.

Cinnamon has a sweet, hot and spicy fragrance and can be used as a physical and emotional stimulant. Smelling cinnamon can improve cognitive functioning in areas of attention span and working memory, which are also mood lifters.

Studies have shown that the scent of lavender soothes us and helps us relax. It prevents anxiety, depression, and conflict. Lavender is a very calming scent for relaxation that promotes a better mood and helps create a sense of tranquility and peacefulness.

The refreshing citrus scent is associated with cleanliness and is considered an energizing mood enhancer.  While all citrus fragrances are believed to instantly improve your mood, heighten alertness, and alleviate anxiety and stress, they also increase happiness which can influence a more positive mindset.

The smell of pumpkin may have entered a new phase as an aphrodisiac. This sweet scent has been linked to sexual arousal and is proven to reduce tension and stress. The aroma of pumpkin triggers our deeply rooted warm and cozy memories of autumn, which in turn makes us feel happy and nostalgic.

This slightly sweet aroma is known for its soothing effect on the mind and the promotion of feelings of harmony and trust. The scent of apples has been noted to help the body relax and aid in stabilizing blood pressure. Its aroma can improve memory and help make people more alert and more receptive to receiving and learning new information.

Investing in your personal space is very important. Creating a beautiful-smelling space is one that you will want to spend time in and you will also appreciate your time there.

You have several options to choose from to help distribute your happy scent throughout your home and living spaces. Pluggable electric diffusers, ultrasonic diffusers and wax warmers are your best options to disperse your favorite scent and optimize all of its positive benefits.

The Gift of Scent has a wonderful selection of fragrance products and amazing aromas to help bring a feeling of happiness to your home and a smile to your face!

Breathe Fresh.  Live Happy.

Michelle for TheGiftofScent.com.





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