Red Sangria No-Mess Fragrance Tarts® for Wax Warmers

$8.50 USD
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Embrace the sweet and fruity scent of pineapple, raspberry, cherry and concord blush that is reminiscent of tangy red sangria and effervescent classic grape soda.

You’ll feel like you're relaxing in your very own Spanish villa when you put one of the Red Sangria No-Mess Fragrance Tarts™ in your wax warmer. Comes with 3 delicious tarts whose smell lingers 3-4 times longer than traditional wax melts.

Product Features:

  • Require less heat for increased safety
  • Lasts 3-4 times longer than traditional wax melt cubes so you won’t have to refill them as often!
  • Vented shape provides a more consistent fragrance release
  • Won’t melt when used on low-heat settings, making refill and clean-up a breeze
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and fragrances
  • Each package includes 3 Long-Lasting No-Mess Tarts™