Power Fresh® Portable Air Fresheners (Single and 3-Pack Bundle Options)

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Power Fresh® Portable Air Fresheners are fragrance-packed discs you can use to freshen any small space.

Toss Power Fresh® into cars, trunks, gym bags, lockers, sneakers, closets... Loaded with scent for weeks of no-muss, no-fuss freshness, Power Fresh® air fresheners are great for any small space.

With a solid scent load designed for powerful fragrance release, Power Fresh® pucks bring weeks of freshness wherever they land.

Comes in 5 unique fragrances:

  • Cottony Fresh™ – Clean sheets and spring breeze. 
  • Sparkle, Not Sweat™ – Fruity-floral aroma
  • Suck It Up, Princess™ – peachy pears & bright florals 
  • Knock-Out Punch™ – Clean masculine leather & aromatic greens
  • Ebony Forest™ – Deep floral musk with sandalwood & patchouli