The ScentWow® 12 Volt Aromatherapy Diffuser for Car, Truck, or SUV

$14.90 USD
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“Wow,” your senses with the ScentWow® Aromatherapy Car diffuser.

The ScentWow® plugs into the vehicle’s 12-volt outlet to diffuse your favorite essential oil as you drive.

The design of the ScentWow® is both functional and elegant so you never have to sacrifice aesthetics for usability.

  • Plugs into car’s 12-volt outlet.

  • Two heat/ intensity settings - set preferred heat with push-button: brighter=high, dimmer=low.
  • The removable (and disposable) fragrance cartridge attaches to the end cap. Holding cap, dip cartridge into included wide-mouth 10 ml bottle of essential oil.

  • The cartridge is immediately saturated with oil—and you never have to touch the oil pad.

  • Includes 1 Diffuser, One 10ml Starter Bottle of Essential Oil, and One Refill Cartridge (for use with ANY Essential Oil).

  • Diffuser Refill Oil Cartridge Set - Includes 10 ml Organic Peppermint Essential Oil and Absorbent Cartridge Pad

  • 5-Pack Refill Cartridges for ScentWow® Plug-in Diffuser

  • Additional Essential Oils are available.


ScentWow 12 Volt Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser for Car

Imagine feeling refreshed and relaxed when you arrived at your next destination. ScentWow takes the stress out of commuting and provides a soothing driving atmosphere by diffusing pure essential oils to evoke tranquil relaxing feelings to calm your drive time.

  • Two temperature settings 50 (low) and 90 degrees on default high setting.
  • Safe radiant core tech (heater is inside, heating omnidirectional from the inside out).
  • Auto shut off at 1 hour – no car battery drainage
  • One essential oil application to the refill cartridge releases delightful smell for up to 10 days.
  • ScentWow has a consistent temperature and powerful aroma dispersal. The unit's optimal diffusion range is the same in cooler and warmer regions..

Instruction for Use

Remove the diffuser's detachable top cap with the attached cartridge pad.

On a level surface, open the included oil bottle. Dip the cartridge into the bottle, saturating the pad with oil. It soaks in fast, so do not overload (no dripping!)

Replace the cartridge, ensuring the square notches on the top cap and base are correctly aligned. Push on the lid to secure.

Plug into dashboard 12V and set preferred heat with push-button: brighter=high, dimmer=low.