Truck Puck® Portable Automobile Air Fresheners - (Single and 3-Pack Bundle Options)

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If you drive, you need Truck Puck® Portable Automobile Air Fresheners.

No muss, no fuss. Never leaks, lasts for weeks. Just place a Truck Puck® where you want to freshen, and go. Cubbies, cup holders, under the seat, in cargo areas--they fit anywhere. Great for cars and other small spaces too!

Comes in 5 unique aromas:

  • Watermint - the freshness of bright chilly mint
  • High Range Cedar™ - upland pine and balsam scents
  • Campfire Nights™ - the smoky richness of ozonic musk
  • Citrus Sky™ - creamy lemon vanilla
  • Tillin & Chillin™ - warm leather and amber spice with TMM® odor neutralizing technology

Transform Your Ride, Anywhere You Go:

Experience freshness wherever you roam with the portable power of Drive Time Truck Puck. From dashboard to cup holder, trunk to under-seat, this versatile air freshener fits snugly anywhere, ensuring your car exudes a captivating aroma that will turn heads and make every journey a fragrant delight.

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Effortless Freshness on the Move

Ditch the sprays and embrace the convenience of Drive Time Truck Puck. This dashboard air freshener keeps your vehicle smelling fantastic, repelling odors effortlessly whether you're cruising down the highway or on a quick city run.