Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to get back into the swing of things with our daily routines and day to day activities. The arrival of a New Year inspires the desire to revive and renew. There is something about the beginning of a new year that encourages many of us to pursue positive changes in our health, happiness and work life balance. Come January, we all just want to feel like the best-possible version of ourselves: Whether it be a fresh new look, an exciting career change or a renewed interest in our health and fitness, we can’t deny that the New Year finds us searching for rejuvenation.

A new year calls for a new scent! Refresh your home fragrance collection in 2023 and treat yourself to some luxurious fragrance products from The Gift of Scent. We all know that scents are effective in changing up the atmosphere of any space. Scents promote balance, harmony and strength, but they can also boost our energy, induce relaxation or uplift our mood. Identifying the purpose and function of a particular room or area is important, whether it is used for sleeping, eating, working or socializing, choosing the right scent is crucial.

This New Year, bring the power of scents to your home for a boost to your interior décor. If you are interested in creating a fragrant home that is also beneficial to your guests here are some scents that are considered to have positive energy that you can disperse around your house.


Diffuse a vanilla scent near the entrance of your home to help improve the well-being of yourself and your guests. Vanilla reduces anxiety and tension and promotes a stress-free environment, so you can leave all that apprehension and mental stress at the door.


Cinnamon represents intellect and having this warm aroma wafting through your home can nudge people to engage in conversation. This can be especially useful when you are entertaining large groups of people that are struggling to socialize and initiate conversations with the other guests.


The cool, mint scent of Peppermint can elevate your mood and the ambience of the surrounding area. It is perfect for study rooms or offices where you need to be alert and focus on specific tasks.


Most of us love the smell of fresh cut flowers, but they wither and die, and the scent disappears too quickly. By diffusing some floral scented essential oils, like ylang ylang, rose geranium or lavender, you can compensate for the absence of real flowers and enjoy the fragrance for a longer period. These are considered happy scents and can evoke pleasant or nostalgic memories.


A citrus scent creates a cheerful atmosphere and can heighten the joy in your home. This is a great aroma to distribute throughout a room when you are having a party. Citrus based scents are generally liked by everyone and help convey an energizing and upbeat atmosphere, so your guests enjoy their experience at your home.

You can enjoy our fragrances as no mess wax tarts, essential oils or fragrance oils for use with an electric diffuser.

Happy New Year!

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