The modern society we live in is one of instant gratification. Half of us live as fully as possible into the instant gratification life with no regrets. We like our information instantaneous and are never out of arms reach of our phones. We are fans of fast and pre-made food because there is so much more we can do with our time than cooking food ourselves. We prefer quick fixes to things that take time to work because we can always switch up our approach later on if necessary. We’re always two steps ahead of any situation. We don’t roll with the tide; we are the tide. We are multi-tasking professionals who never waste time simply sitting in traffic when we could be listening to a podcast or audiobook (which we downloaded at lightning-fast speed).

The other half of us mourn the “good ol’ days” when things were homemade and we had more patience as a collective society. We like to cook our meals—and we maybe even grow our own food. We go for long-term solutions that might not work immediately but will be more sustainable in the long run. We would rather reach for a book than look something up on the internet. We like to be in communion with the world around us and we adapt when necessary. We do one thing at a time, we do it well, and then we move on.

Nowhere is the struggle between instant gratification and long-term benefits more apparent than in the world of health and wellness. Half of us embrace pharmaceuticals that offer instant relief. The other half of us prefer natural products that provide long-term benefits but that take a while to see results.

Essential oils have been shown to have incredible benefits to physical and mental health. When used aromatically, essential oils can help improve the health of every system in the body. Essential oils must be used consistently over the long-term to enjoy those benefits. Many people give up on essential oils because they don’t work quickly.

For example, compared to a digestive medicines like GasX or Pepto Bismol, peppermint essential oil, which can be used for digestive relief, may take much longer to kick in. However, when used over a longer period of time, peppermint essential oil can help improve overall digestive health. Digestive medicines only work at the time they’re taken and aren’t meant to improve the functioning of the digestive system.

Thankfully, there is one product that doesn’t make you choose between the instant gratification of refreshing fragrance and long-term benefits of essential oils! When your home, work space, or car needs a quick refresh, plug in the FlashScent® USB Aromatherapy Diffuser with essential oils to add the refreshing, crisp aroma of peppermint or the calming, clean aroma of lavender.

Just put a few drops of essential oil on one of the felt pads (both included with purchase), close the housing, and insert the FlashScent USB Aromatherapy Diffuser into any USB port. Use it with your laptop while you work, in your hotel while you travel, or in your car for the long commute. As the fragrance warms in the USB power source, it diffuses the essential oil into your airspace, offering instant freshness and promising all the long-term benefits of the essential oil.

With the FlashScent USB Aromatherapy Diffuser, you don’t have to choose between instant gratification and long-term results. Get yours today on TheGiftofScent.Com.

Kate for TheGiftofScent.Com.

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