You know, I’ve heard time and time again how difficult it is to shop for women. So many varying tastes, so many unique styles...nice ways of trying to say we’re picky.

But I think it’s much harder to shop for men, especially for my dad. He does so much for the family, and we always want to give him a gift on Father’s Day and other special occasions to try to show him how much we appreciate him, but sometimes finding a good gift is challenging task.

I want it to be something he will want to use, so it has to be useful and fill a need he has. It also needs to be affordable, because Dad always thinks it’s silly if we spend “too much” money on him.

We at TheGiftofScent.Com had our own dads—and all the other men in our lives—in mind when we put together our hand-picked “Father’s Day Favorites Collection.” We picked our favorite masculine fragrances in our most popular, useful, and affordable fragrance products available in our shop so you can give Dad—or any man in your life you love and appreciate—a gift he’ll love to use that lets you show him how much you care.

Like the Truck Puck® Automobile Air Fresheners. Truck Pucks are portable, powerful fragrance diffusion discs you can throw in your vehicle or any small space that needs some freshening. Men love the Truck Puck aromas, like Campfire Nights and High Range Cedar.

Or the FlashScent® USB Diffuser with Peppermint Essential Oil. The FlashScent® is one of the most popular items for anyone who works on a laptop or who travel regularly. The aroma of peppermint essential oil is energizing and men love the fresh, crisp fragrance when it’s diffusing from their laptops, cars, or even a hotel wall outlet.

The Blue Mosaic Plugables® Fragrance Vase Wax Warmer with Evergreen No-Mess Tarts™ just smell like they should be surrounded by book shelves and an antique, mahogany desk in grandpa’s study. The masculine, fresh pine aroma of the Evergreen No-Mess Tarts will have every man feeling like an outdoorsman even when they’re sitting at home.


Or plug in the Arctic Wolf Premium Plugables® Home Fragrancer with Pine Grove Fragrance Oil in any room for a similar aroma in a different fragrance diffusion method. The Pine Grove Fragrance Oil will last a month or more plugged into any traditional outlet in any room. Men love the aroma, especially in the bathroom!

Last, but BEST, every man will love the new PowerFresh® 12V Car Diffuser Air Freshener. The Speedway Scent Bars™ for the PowerFresh 12V Car Diffuser have masculine notes of orris, vetiver, and musk that men love. The PowerFresh 12V also comes with Citrus Sky Scent Bars for a fresher, more citrusy aroma option. Freshen the air in your car, relieve stress, and combat odors for weeks with the PowerFresh® 12V Car Diffuser. Its ergonomic, patent-pending design is like nothing else in auto fragrance diffusion! 

Shopping for Dad—or any men in your life for that matter—doesn’t need to be a challenge. Find a product he’ll love and use, that shows him how much you care from the Father’s Day Favorites Collection on TheGiftofScent.Com.

Kate for TheGiftofScent.Com.

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