What is your favorite part about Spring? Mine is when the trees flower and every block has a different fresh floral aroma. Then the flowers start to pop—filling gardens and landscaping with every color. My favorite flowers are tulips and daffodils.

I keep using the word “fresh” or “refresh” to describe Spring because that is the overall feel Spring holds for me. Fresh flowers. Refreshing rain. Fresh, crisp air. Fresh tree blooms. Fresh baked goods. Refreshing and light dinner recipes. The Spring fresh replaces the heaviness and bracing chill of winter.

Mix and match your favorite wax melt fragrances to make your home feel like Spring. Recreate your favorite Spring fragrances at home with No-Mess Fragrance Tarts™ from The Gift of Scent! Check out these combinations that are perfect for Spring:


Blooming Orchard

1 Apple Orchard + 1 Evergreen

The first thing that comes to my mind as Spring approaches every year is the blooming trees. I love how they fill the air with sweet aromas. I also love when the fragrance of evergreen trees mixes in with the aroma of the fresh blooms. The combination is the perfect Spring fragrance. Recreate the aroma of a Blooming Orchard with one Apple Orchard No-Mess Fragrance Tart and one Evergreen No-Mess Fragrance Tart.


Spring Garden

1 Sweet French Lavender + 1 Apple Orchard

My parents, my sister, and my mother-in-law are all big into gardening. They all have orchards, they plant vegetable gardens in the late Spring, and they plant various herbs and bushes around the gardens and in the landscaping to keep pests away. The combination of Lavender and Apple Orchard No-Mess Fragrance Tarts smells just like sitting outside on their porches in the Spring. Recreate the aroma of a Spring Garden with one Sweet French Lavender No-Mess Fragrance Tart and one Apple Orchard No-Mess Fragrance Tart.

Wine Country Mountain Spring

1 Mountain Air + 1 Grape Soda  

Who doesn’t love sipping wine with a mountain view? To me, there’s nothing better than a mountain vacation in the Spring, when I can wear a cozy sweatshirt in the crisp evening air, sip a glass of sweet red wine, and watch the sunset over the mountains. Use one Mountain Air No-Mess Fragrance Tart and one Grape Soda No-Mess Fragrance Tart to recreate a Wine Country Mountain Spring fragrance.


Spring in the Mountain Valley

1 Sweet French Lavender + 1 Evergreen

I went on a solo trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park once and drove through Cades Cove. The valley was lined with evergreen trees and wild lavender, berries, and flowers filled the fields between the old cabin structures. One Sweet French Lavender No-Mess Fragrance Tart with one Evergreen No-Mess Fragrance Tart reminds me of Spring in the mountain valley.


Open Windows at the Bakery

1 Brown Sugar Biscotti + 1 Mountain Air

Don’t you love walking by the downtown bakery in the Spring on a warm day when they have the windows and doors open? I love how the smell of the fresh baked cookies, tarts, and pies mingles with the crisp, fresh Spring air. Bring home the smell of walking by open windows at the downtown bakery with one Brown Sugar Biscotti No-Mess Fragrance Tart and one Mountain Air No-Mess Fragrance Tart.


Which Spring No-Mess Fragrance Tart combination is your favorite? Enjoy the fresh fragrances of the season with products from TheGiftofScent.Com.

Kate for TheGiftofScent.Com.

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