Mother’s Day offers us the chance to give something back to our moms who have done so much for us throughout our lives. What better way to show mom how much she means to us and how much we appreciate all she does than diffusing something special to fill her home with a beautiful scent and the amazing benefits of essential oils. Diffusing essential oils can be a wonderful way to create a calming and relaxing environment for mothers on Mother’s Day.  Whether Mom needs stress relief, sleep support, a mood enhancer, or just needs a new home fragrance, there is a diffuser blend that can provide support in these areas.  Not sure what to diffuse?  Here are some great options that you can use or customize to appeal to your mom's personal preferences.


The world is a beautiful place!  This blend evokes feelings of beauty and love from Ylang Ylang, joyfulness from Rose Geranium, and inspires creativity and a strong mind from Clary Sage.  Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, in person or virtually, with your mom while diffusing this blend and reflect on all the wonderful memories you've shared together.


Want a flower bouquet in the form of an essential oil blend? If so, then Mother's Day Bouquet is the perfect blend to diffuse. Floral essential oils are calming and supportive, ideal for overworked moms! 


Curl up with a book, catch up on your favorite show, or go to your "happy" place while diffusing this particular blend.  The Lavender is calming, the Clary Sage provides clarity and the Ylang Ylang reminds us of all the love and beauty in our life.


Draw a bath, light some candles, sit back and relax and enjoy Zen Mom.  This blend evokes feelings of happiness and mental clarity.


If you're a tired mom and need a little motivation, this is the perfect blend to diffuse.  The Peppermint improves concentration, the Lemongrass is uplifting, and the Sweet Orange is energizing and evokes happiness.

There are so many benefits of using essential oils for moms.  Sometimes we just want to relax after a long day, but it's hard to make the time to do so. Diffusing doesn't take long and is easy to work into your schedule, it only requires essential oils, water and your diffuser.  The Gift of Scent has everything you need to get started.  We have a selection of essential oils that appeal to most sniffers and a variety of diffusers to fit every decorating style.

This Mother's Day take a little time to relax and enjoy some benefits of aromatherapy!

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